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What is 10 Seconds of Shakespeare?

The Los Angeles Drama Club – an award-winning youth arts and literacy organization – is putting this country to the test: How hard is it to speak Shakespeare?

#10SecondsOfShakespeare is a fundraising and awareness campaign created to push back on the recent push for the “modernization” of Shakespeare’s Canon. Everyone – no matter the age, ability, vocation or location – is invited to participate by selecting a quote, then filming, posting, and nominating friends. Those who donate $10 to LADC will have their film featured on the Wall of Fame!

Recognized as the “Country’s Youngest Shakespeare Troupe,” this local youth arts and literacy organization, has a mission “to create the opportunity for young people to have exceptional artistic experiences in their own communities and neighborhoods – free,” according to Blaire Baron Larsen, LADC’s Artistic Director. “One of our boys recently told us, ‘Without this, I think I’d be hiding behind a bush.’ This is why we do it.”

Los Angeles Drama Club, whose children come from all over greater Los Angeles to participate, was recently honored by PBS. “Our programs have grown exponentially,” said LADC Executive Director, Julia Walker Wyson. “It’s gratifying to see new students develop a passion for theater, and see them grow up with Shakespeare. I mean, they literally don’t leave. So intend to source funding that will keep them with us through high school.. They’re being raised on Shakespeare.”

To learn more about Los Angeles Drama Club, please visit our website.

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